Texas Panhandle

March 31, 2016 - I made a brief stop in the Texas panhandle last week. I really ought to spend some extended time here. The landscape is...
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March 29, 2016 - You know how great it feels to find something to reach that itchy spot on your back that you can't reach yourself? Yea,...
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Atop of Osorno, Photographer Problems

March 08, 2016 - To the tune of ON TOP OF OLD SMOKEY "Atop of Osorno, all covered with snow. I lost my poor lens cap; know not where it...
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The Bobble Buddies, Parental Edition

March 06, 2016 - Yesterday, the Bobble Buddies were alert and curious when I stopped by. As they grow, they spend more and more time on t...
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The Bobble Buddies, an Owlet Update

March 03, 2016 - We're growing and doing great! Hortense and the Mr. are great parents. Big Yawn! Mom's Away. Let's play!
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