June 12, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

There are days when you go out with the camera and you get squat (today). And there are days when you can't believe how you could be so lucky. In late April I had one of those lucky mornings.

I set off to Anahuac NWR, a favorite spot, for an early rail walk. I was able to see my "lifer" Black and Yellow Rails - yay! Photos of those weren't happening but after the walk I drove the auto tour route. I caught sight of a couple of King Rail. And, they weren't alone. They had three fluffy black cotton balls following them!

Rails are generally very skittish. But this family was very tolerant of my rolling bird blind (car). I watched them for about 30 minutes as the parents hunted, caught crawfish and fed them to the ravenous chicks who followed and occasionally imitated their parents behavior. It was something really special.


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