Waugh Drive Bats

July 23, 2015 - I've lived in the Houston area a LONG time now. And I'm embarrassed to say that I'd never gone to see the Waugh Drive ba...
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Suburban Safari

July 20, 2015 - I love to visit parks and nature centers near home. One I visit frequently is Kleb Woods Nature Preserve in Tomball, TX.
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Hatch of the Day

July 14, 2015 - Sunday morning, this little guy was just an egg. Yesterday - poof! Fuzzy little Killdeer chick racing across the grass....
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July 07, 2015 - Puffins are so fun to watch and photograph!
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The Good and the Bad

July 04, 2015 - I’ve been aboard the National Geographic Explorer on an arctic journey of Svalbard, East Greenland and Iceland since Jun...
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