Hortense Has Been Hiding a Secret... wait 'til You See What it Is! (Great Horned Owl, Part III)

February 16, 2016  •  1 Comment

Forgive the "hook" blog post title. :P

Tonight I had a "Wild Kingdom" moment. For those too young to know what that is, think of a "National Geographic" moment.

I was watching Hortense (yes, I named the owl... don't judge) hoping for something exciting. I was rewarded SO SO greatly!

First, I discovered an owlet!

Then after watching a while longer to see if there was more than one owlet (I'm still not sure), the male owl stopped by! I was so excited I was going to burst. I snapped photos furiously. But, it was getting dark (high ISO) and I was hand-holding at 400mm.

So friends, I share with my you my grainy masterpiece of the family.


What an amazing picture!

Having to work quickly when the camera just won't focus is frustrating. But you got those owls in focus. Very cool. :D:D
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